The Transorter™

Flexible, adaptable and affordable all come together.

Designed specifically for high-flex distribution center and supply chain applications, SpanTech’s game-changing TranSorter brings you revolutionary sorting capabilities in a highly affordable alternative to bulky, big-dollar systems.

Its unique, retractable-nose conveyor design lets you seamlessly – and simultaneously – sort wide ranges and sizes of merchandise and parcels, from small, ultra-lightweight polybags to cartons up to 50 pounds. All in a modular, small-footprint form that quickly adapts for almost any configuration.


Realize Profit-Boosting Benefits Almost Overnight

  • Contactless sorting eliminates snags and fly-offs
  • 100% modular and prewired
  • Flexible configurations fit small footprint
  • Ultra low-maintenance; no lubrication required
  • Safe, low-noise and green at 24 volts
  • Fast installation in days – not weeks

The Ideal Solution For Common Sorting Applications

  • End-of-line shipping
  • Goods-to-man order fulfi llment
  • Returns processing
  • Inbound sortation

The Complete, Customized Package

The TranSorter comes fully equipped with our Routing Control System, ready to interface with your host computer – and its unique, modular design lets us quickly create affordable custom solutions just for your applications.

General Specs

Two widths: 300mm (11.8”) and 600mm (23.6”)
Module Length: 1,500mm (59”)
Max. Capacity: Up to 3,600 units/hour
Detection Photoeyes: Included
Scanners: Optional
Secondary Sort: Optional Tilt or Crossbelt
Air Requirement: For Tilt-tray option only
Power Requirement: 24-volt DC power supply included
Machine Control System: SpanTech ST-RCS

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