Warehousing & Distribution

We meet your distribution needs for many applications including freezer, refrigerated, wet and dry conditions.

st_industries_warehousingThese high-volume manufacturing and distribution centers benefit from our automation and order-fulfillment systems, sortation systems, and case and pallet conveyor solutions.

Our conveyor systems ensure responsiveness and accuracy for the distribution and order fulfillment of office supplies, pharmaceuticals, components and spare parts, books and entertainment products and apparel. Not to mention, our flexibility and modular system configurations help third-party logistics suppliers react fast and work in all industries, adding value though operational experience, expertise and scalability.



The TranSorter

With it’s origins in the bakery and confectionary industries, the TranSorter is an evolution of SpanTech’s extendable nose conveyor technology commonly referred to as a Transpositor. Proven in hundreds of applications, TranSorter is ideal for sorting a wide array of parcels, mixed –mail, bundles and difficult items such as irregular shaped cold- sealed envelopes and ultra lightweight polybags.

The transpositor retracts to create an opening while the belt continues to move forward similar to pulling a tablecloth from under a wine glass. Items are gently deposited onto a tilting device or crossbelt conveyor.

Perfect for Returns Processing , Fulfillment, Inbound sortation and End of Line Systems, the new TranSorter is versatile, modular and easy to expand.