Food Production Conveyors

Our experience covers meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, bottling, breweries, frozen food, specialty baking, fresh and convenience foods.

st_industries_food_production We eliminate damage and waste while improving sanitation and cleaning processes. For food and beverage conveyor design and engineering, that includes accumulating, merging, dividing, inclining, vertical conveying, depositing, rejecting and reclaiming.

We also have considerable expertise in specialty baking systems, including indexing, merging, diverting, elevating and declining. And that’s just the beginning. Some other applications include:

  • Serving specialty baking manufacturers with process conveyors, pan systems and package-handling lines
  • Engineering produce and meat systems from the process room, tray-handling systems and case-handling
  • Conveying beverage products and compounds of all dimensions, even with underwater conveyors for liquid cooling tank operations
  • Creating lines for vacuum-formed packages and envelopes on the dry side of the industry