Patented Designs Protect Your Products And Workers

Stop buying new chain for worn-out sections. Our modular, rebuildable chain components mean easy replacement on your line.

Chain Types

Our patented, durable chains set the industry standard for quality. They not only provide the best handling solutions for a variety of products, but their design is safer for products and workers.

It all comes down to innovative design. Our chains are completely captured to the conveyor frames, so there is no loose chain on the top or bottom. That means no more dangerous catenaries on your line.

All of our chains are built to last, with a modular design, quiet operation and easy cleaning solutions. Review our five varieties, or contact us to find out which is best for your application.


The ideal narrow track system easily handles debris.


Our strongest and most versatile chain accommodates many applications.


This lighter-weight version of MultiSpan is just as durable.


This chain is ideal for cooling with a 75 percent open design.

Closed Top

Cooling conveyors have never been so clean.


Move your food products with ease and efficiency.