Client Testimonials

 Just wanted to send a thank you to SpanTech for the great job you did on our recent system purchase. As always with SpanTech, it was well planned & well executed. Didn’t require any parts to be modified here, everything fit great, and we had enough hardware left over to finish the other changes needed for the new cartons we’ll run. Is always a pleasure to work with your group.

Seems that every salesman that come thru thinks he has better equipment. But, we’re happy SpanTech supplies us.

Thank you again.  Bert Jenkins  Plant Engineer J&J Snack Foods Holly Ridge NC


I am writing on behalf of Arr-Tech, Inc. to express our satisfaction of the SpanTech conveyor systems we have been integrating into our packaging automation lines for these past eight years.

The demands of the tortilla, flat bread, waffle and pizza crust bakery industries require high-performing, well-built systems, designed to function in a 24/7 environment with minimal maintenance. With SpanTech’s vast selection of conveyor designs, multitudes of configuration options and unique product-handling solutions, it was obvious to Arr-Tech that the SpanTech products are a perfect match to meet our customers’ packaging automation requirements.

The sales and service personnel at SpanTech are always very professional and helpful throughout the entire process, from design phase, quoting, order processing and delivery of equipment. Quality equipment, professional service and knowledgeable personnel are why Arr-Tech’s choice for conveyor systems will always be SpanTech.

Kevin Pearson
Vice President
Arr-Tech, Inc. 

Paradise Tomato Kitchen has used SpanTech conveyors for our sanitary food pouch conveying systems for many years. These sanitary conveyors have provided the best cost of ownership, or the lowest net present value, of any processing conveyors we have used in our food manufacturing plants. The conveyors are superb sanitary design, and we easily open up the belting weekly and clean the entire belt and inside framing as part of our compliance to cGMP’s 110 section to meet our food-processing sanitation procedures.

These conveyors are easy to widen, lengthen or design for curves and angles to convey our flexible pouches between unit operations. Our white belting with coated rods look almost new, even after seven years of 24-hour operation with very hot and cold products in direct contact with the belting surface. We are very pleased with the performance and support we have received from the SpanTech company with these sanitary conveyors.

Lavon Riegel
Engineering Director
Paradise Tomato Kitchen

When Ewing Cole, a nationally recognized architect, came to us with a need for specialty conveyors in a new blood-processing lab, we immediately knew SpanTech Conveyors were the solution. SpanTech worked with us as a team, not just a manufacturer of conveyors, to provide what proved to be a successful installation in the Philadelphia Blood Processing Center.

As a result of the Philadelphia success, the Red Cross went on to install similar conveyors in Pomona, Calif., Atlanta, Ga., and Johnstown, Pa.

The quality of this product speaks for itself. Where the difference lies is in the quality of the organization. The whole SpanTech organization – Sales, Engineering, Service – works to serve customers’ needs, not just sell conveyors.

While in any conveyor installation there are going to be some things that might not be just right, SpanTech is extremely responsive to all issues and follows through with resolutions.

John Clemency
Manager of Material Handling Systems
Storage Concepts Inc.

SpanTech has been an excellent resource for packaging line automation. Their quick turnaround and ability to work with our needs has made SpanTech a company we turn to time after time for quality conveyance.

Daniel Maeyaert
Project Engineer
Fallas Automation

In 2007 it was decided to rebuild a part of the packaging department at Nortura Rakkestad, and at that time we had several different conveying systems. What was equal for them all was that they were old and required a lot of maintenance to run. At first this was just a smaller order to reorganize a part of the packaging, but we saw huge benefits with the SpanTech system. So we made a decision to continue our cooperation with DYNATEC/SpanTech and slowly replace all conveyors with SpanTech.

The huge benefit is the diversity of this system. We can actually use these conveyors in our slaughtering department, packaging department and expedition department. We have several hundred meters of SpanTech conveyors, but we have a very limited amount of spare parts, says Head of Expedition Frank Vidar. Time used on service has dropped dramatically compared to earlier years, and if you also look at the hygienic perspective, the washing time has also dropped.

Another benefit is the different solutions SpanTech can offer. We have not seen this practical approach from any other producer of conveyor, says Frank Vidar.

All in all this has been a successful journey for Nortura and we look forward to continue our cooperation into the future.

Kurt Pedersen
Sales and Marketing Director

Photo caption: Per Arne Kristiansen, head of slaughter and packaging at Nortura Rakkestad, and Frank Vidar Skaug, head of expedition Nortura Rakkestad.

SpanTech provided exceptional services during the engineering phase of our expansion project. These services include: knowledgeable people who are committed to the goals of the project, proposal of innovative solutions and testing of designs to ensure proper conveyors were specified. Excellence in conveyor building from SpanTech supplied high-quality conveyor systems to Soy Basics.

SpanTech conveyor designs allow for trouble-free installation and low maintenance costs. The conveyor systems that Soy Basics has installed from SpanTech exceeded our safety guidelines for new equipment without additional guarding and costs. SpanTech will be conveying products at Soy Basics for many years.

D.J. Njus
Plant Engineer
Soy Basics

SpanTech conveyors are easily customized to fit our needs. They can be very versatile and functional.Service on rushing replacement parts is amazing at accomplishing quick turnaround timing and preventing us unnecessary additional downtime.

Eric Baehl
Thermoforming Engineer
Berry Plastics Corporation

SpanTech is the best conveyor supplier I have ever worked with. They’ve been my top supplier for the past eight years, consistently delivering the best price, best quality and best delivery. Their customer service level and attention to detail are second to none! Their ability to create custom solutions using their standard products is unsurpassed.

Carlo O'Keefe
Flexible Conveyor Systems, Inc.

I have had the very fortunate opportunity to get to know and work with SpanTech on several projects over the last three years. One was very large, one was medium, and several were small, but on each project, the customer had a very specific need that had to be met. In every situation, the SpanTech team “overachieved.”

Everything was discussed, designed, engineered and proved out. SpanTech got it right the first time! I can’t say how often they have jumped through hoops for me on several of these projects. The customer changed his mind and needed this changed, the customer now needs this quicker, etc. SpanTech didn’t miss a beat! You won’t find a more genuine, caring company and staff to work with.

And by the way, for each of the projects that I listed above, Riekes and SpanTech got together because we were able to tackle the big and the small and help the end user better his process.

Marty Frangenberg
Riekes Material Handling

As a material handling supplier and systems integrator, my role is to develop solutions for material handling and automation applications that are sound on concept, reliable, safe and perform as required to meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Designing systems, we can choose from a large number of standard products, and I always look forward to utilizing SpanTech equipment whenever possible. Their engineers are creative, helpful and always ready to accept a new challenge when faced with ever-changing application requirements, and they have the ability to perform in-house testing with customer-supplied product to prove the concept and eliminate risk.

SpanTech equipment is of the highest quality, available in many unique configurations, and has proven to be a very cost-effective conveyor due to the ability to convey up, down and around using a single drive, and eliminating many problematic belt-to-belt transitions. The SpanTech equipment is available in either stainless or mild steel, making it suitable in most environments, and is a very flexible and reliable conveyor to design into your systems.

SpanTech products have made my job easier, and my customers have had excellent results with the systems, calling us again when the next application comes along.

Thank you SpanTech!

Neil Loveless
Account Manager
Cross Material Handling

I have been working with SpanTech for more than eight years as a distributor and integrator of material handling systems. SpanTech products have been a key component to many of the systems we’ve designed. Not only is the quality consistent, the people at SpanTech are always great to work with, back their product, are quick to respond to issues and open to new ideas, designs and applications. There are suppliers and there are partners. SpanTech is a partner I continue to rely upon to help me earn and keep my customers’ business and trust.

Larry McNamara
Account Manager
HCM Systems