CEO Letter

st_about_ceoIn the world of plastic chain conveyor systems, you as the buyer have a simple choice to make. On one hand there are several companies that supply chain and sprockets. These offerings are then integrated by an intermediate supplier into a finished product. People who make chains don’t build conveyors. And people who build conveyors don’t make chains. When things go wrong as is so typically the case, who’s to blame? Maybe you’ve been in on some of these train wrecks.

In my years as an industrial engineer, I saw many systems put in only to be written off later as failures. This trend continues today. Based on this fact, I decided to dedicate the rest of my life closing the performance gap for plastic conveyor systems. Plastics offer the user far more flexibility over any other technology. But understanding what is happening is far from simple.

I wanted to build the very best system that I was capable of. What I learned from the manufacturing world is that a conveyor is really a machine unlike any other. The machine will respond to good quality control. The machine will respond to investments in research and development. The machine will respond to improvements in material science. We worked three years to find the very best material for wear strips. We built 355 test conveyors just to understand the torque requirements for curves. Little by little, we worked on systematic improvements to our system. Today, it’s as good as we know how to make it. And nothing has been spared in its development.

Designing conveyor systems is another area where the industry struggles. Conveyor systems usually undergo several changes as a job evolves. I’ve been on the other side. I understand that you as a project manager do not have 100% of the information required to install a system with zero changes. It rarely happens. So what we did was work on automating as much of the design process as possible.

We have the only totally integrated software system in our industry. Our design innovations and estimating systems have evolved and constantly improved during the past 30 years. When we make an offering to you, it’s because we know the system is going to perform long before it’s built. And if something changes during the process, you have a single point of responsibility. There’s no finger pointing here. Our reputation is on the line on every conveyor we ship.

And we have a totally integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system in place and running every moment. We build on time. We ship on time. And we can make changes to the system. Speed is of the essence. We get it.

Starting from nothing, we build and support conveyor systems globally. We supply systems to Austria, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, UK, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Mexico, South America, Canada and many more. When you buy something from us, you are somebody very special. You are one of our customers. I want you to be happy. My life’s goal is to build the very best conveyor system on this earth. When it comes to quality and endurance, we have no equal.

Once you enter our world, I think you will stay for a long time.

Bud Layne
CEO/Chairman of the Board